Jared Solomon is running for Attorney General

Jared was raised on the second floor of his great-grandparents’ butcher shop in Northeast Philadelphia by his single mother, who was a public school teacher. While his family didn’t have much, Jared Solomon learned from his mother that if you create a better future for your community, everybody can prosper. He worked and borrowed his way through Swarthmore College and Villanova Law School. Jared fought corporate abuse for a Philadelphia law firm and decided to serve his country by joining the Army Reserves as a JAG officer and currently serves in the Pennsylvania National Guard.
In 2016, Jared ran for the State House because it was clear that the neighborhood he loved wasn’t getting the representation it deserved, so he took on a 42-year career politician — and WON. In Harrisburg, Jared is fighting to reduce gun violence and against corruption. He votes to invest in our public schools and defend abortion access. And he’s tackling crime in his neighborhood head-on with simple and effective solutions like better street lighting, converting abandoned properties to public parks, and investing in youth programs — and it is WORKING.
Now Jared is running to bring that same approach to the Attorney General’s office by focusing on protecting your right to vote, standing up to corruption, and using proven commonsense tactics to make our communities safer.
In addition to Jared’s legislative record in Harrisburg, he is the leading voice against corruption in Philadelphia. In 2019, after the sweeping 116-count federal indictment that ensnared many of the political power brokers in Philadelphia, Jared stood up and spoke out against corruption. He was the first elected official to speak out in 2019, and continues to be one of the only elected officials in Harrisburg publicly advocating for truly transparent, ethical, and good government.
Jared lives with his wife, Tiffani, and their daughter, Charlotte, around the corner from his mom’s house in the same Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood where he was raised.

More information at http://jaredsolomon.com.