In 2022 we'll elect a new governor and Lieutenant Governor. Also on the ballot will be our representative in Congress, one US Senate seat, our representatives in the PA General Assembly, and all the county Democratic committee seats.
There are LOTS of open seats on the county Democratic Committee.
If you are interested in serving, CONTACT US TODAY!
NOW is the time to start planning your run! You'll need to gather petition signatures to appear on the ballot. This begins February 15. Deadline to submit petitions is March 8.
To qualify to run, you must be a registered voter in the county or municipality and have lived here for one year.
Step 1: Let us know you're interested. Click here to drop us a line. We'll help you with the legalities and strategy.
Step 2: Collect signatures using the NOMINATION PETITION to put your name on the ballot. County committee seats require 10 signatures from your voting district. Petitions can be circulated from February 15 until March 8