Important Info About Your Mail-in Ballot!

Be sure to use ALL the envelopes provided with your ballot including the secrecy envelope!

You must use TWO envelopes to return your ballot.

Most folks that signed up to vote by mail before September 30 should receive their ballot by October 12. If you applied after September 30, please allow more time. You can check the status of your application and ballot by visiting

As soon as your ballot arrives, follow these four steps to be absolutely sure your voice is heard in this crucial election:         

1) Complete BOTH SIDES of your ballot in blue or black ink as soon as you receive it.
2) Seal your ballot inside the smaller secrecy envelope; then, place that in the larger return envelope. If you do not place the ballot in the secrecy envelope first, it will not count!
3) Sign and complete the Voter Declaration on the back of the larger return envelope.
4) Mail your ballot, or return it in person to the official dropoff location at 506 Broad St, Milford (County Administration Building)

Should you fail to return your ballot before election day, you can take it and ALL the envelopes to your local polling place on election day to vote in person. Or deliver to the address above before 8 pm