A Message From Our Chairman

Welcome to the Pike County Democratic Committee (PCDC) website. I hope you visit here often. My name is Bruce Taylor and I am honored to serve as Chair of the PCDC.

The Democratic Party believes that in a good society each of us should have personal security, useful skills, and the opportunity for service to others.  Achieving that good society requires a citizenship open to all with the will to reach agreement through a fair and accessible democratic process.

SECURITY    The good society provides for the security of everyone. Democrats believe that people will make better decisions if they do not have to fear devastating losses and will be free to take the risks necessary to sustain a vibrant, free-market economy. The folks on the right cry  “socialism” and the “nanny state” are sucking the “47%” of “takers” into hapless dependency. Yes, life's challenges can inspire creativity and require responsibility, but chronic insecurity cripples the spirit, weakens trust, and opportunities go unrealized. 

SKILLS The good society makes sure that all its citizens are educated, trained, and retrained to fulfill their potentials in a rapidly changing economy. These include academic, technical, imaginal, interpersonal and leadership abilities.

SERVICE The good society makes it possible for each one of us to be successful in serving others.   While we are individually responsible for preparing ourselves for work and the private sector is the engine of economic growth that provide jobs, we also need strong public institutions that move us to full employment.  Service, of course, must be compensated so that we all can receive full value for our work with government doing its share through appropriate tax and regulatory policies to make that happen.

CITIZENSHIP. The good society places a high value on full acceptance of all of us into the interrelationships of everyday life:  race, gender, age, faith, ethnicity, physical handicaps should not be barriers to participation. And that spirit of acceptance should apply to immigrants who infuse our society with new energy, skills, and culture.  Nor should any party conspire to block the full participation of anyone in the democratic process so fundamental to our national identity.

How well have our leaders in Harrisburg and Milford moved us in the direction of the good society here in Pike County?

Security?    We need to
  •  Pressure banks and government to reduce the home foreclosure rate.
  • Support better regulation on fracking to protect our water quality.
  • Make sure our county safety net agencies are well funded and their services are coordinated.
  • Implement more effective drug treatment strategies.
  • Support the implementation of the Affordable Care Act's health insurance exchanges and expand the Medicaid program.

Skills? We need to
  • Demand adequate funding for education especially for poorer districts.
  • Provide incentives for apprenticeships.
  • Work to bring a community college to Pike County

Service opportunity and pay? We need to
  • Promote job creation through aid for entrepreneurs.
  • Demand an end to tax breaks for drilling companies.
  • Fight regressive sales taxes.
  • Support Gov. Wolf’s effort to demand PA corporations pay their taxes instead of escaping through the Delaware Loophole.

 Citizenship?   We need to
  • Establish early voting days.
  • Fight the plan to change the Electoral College voting rules to unfairly benefit the GOP.
  • Insure greater transparency in state and county government.
  • Provide new polling places for overcrowded townships.  

                                         WHEN DEMS VOTE, DEMS WIN! 

Bruce Taylor
Chair, Pike County Democratic Committee